Your Networth Is Only As Good As Your Network

Today I’d like to talk about why having a strong network is so important to me.

Networking has been one of the most valuable uses of my time and is Absolutely free to everyone!

Having a network of motivated, like-minded individuals provides a great opportunity to tap into advice and expertise you might not otherwise be able to get hold of and it allows for the potential of working together to create mutual benefits!

When you connect with people and regularly help them strong friendships tend to form naturally. This forming and maintaining of a strong contact base will serve you professionally and personally for years to come. These people will motivate you to push yourself to go further and aid in expanding your industry knowledge.

By pushing yourself to talk to people that you do not know,  your confidence WILL increase and growth is largely dependant upon talking to people and making connections. With each new connection you make they will most likely have a network of their own, inevitably spreading your name and your business across yet another audience,  increasing your visibility, and  helping get your “face” known. You, then add value to their network by being authentic and offering useful information and tips to others who need it. Simultaneously building your reputation as a knowledgeable,  reliable and supportive person. Ultimately, this will create referrals that are of the highest quality from members of your network.

The people you associate with influence who you are and what you do, so make it a priority to be surrounding yourself with positive, uplifting and ethical people who offer genuine and quality meaning to your life.

Happy networking!


  1. I agree with you 100% about networking being the most important component of being an entrepreneur. The knowledge I’ve gained just from building friendships with people in all kinds of businesses is lifechanging and I do what I can to teach others the same. Great post Andrea!

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